Tips to write an awesome blog post

Do you know that writing an awesome blog post is not at all difficult if you keep few basic things in mind?

Once you make these things a common practice, apply them throughout your website then you will start seeing the results.

Write An Awesome Blog

Topic selection:

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How do you select a topic to write your next blog post? Well, there are some handy techniques that can be followed to pick up the write topic:

  • Know the audience for whom you are posting.
  • Write about the topic you can talk about.

There are many tools as well that can be used to make the job even more easy. Buzzsumo and google trends ( are tools that are widely used to decide which topic to write about next. These tools can be used by any person who is ambiguous about the topics to pick and a lot can be expected in terms of help from such mediums.

Write engaging headlines:

Headlines are the center of attraction and more than 90% of the viewers only read the headlines. Therefore, writing proper headings is much of importance. While drafting a headline their should be certain points that can be kept in mind:

  1. Headline should be creative and attractive so that it can prompt the viewer to read more.
  2. Keeping in mind various keywords for which you want your blog to rank higher.
  3. There are various tools called as headline analyzer like CoSchedule.

Accompany your blog with fabulous images:

A blog is created to communicate with audience and to make their job more easy. Therefore, whatever is the best method to convey the idea is to be used.

Lately use of images and video or info-graphics has been seen creating a good impression on the mind of viewers. People often post slides also in the form of images to convey the right idea.

Write on a problem:

Pick a problem from your niche and provide a solution to it.

Get Involved In Q&A on the site, to know about the ongoing problems and difficulty one is facing. Remember the reason your blog was released to help out more and more people. To increase website traffic one problem can be addressed and a complementary tool can be made to solve the problem and it will automatically drive more traffic.

Internal linking:

Don’t forget to mention the link of your recent blogs which is under the same topic or is making the idea somewhat clear. These are also called crosslinks and google consider it a lot while indexing your blog.

Google finds your content/ posts best when they are linked from somewhere. Before your content is ranked it needs links. Links also helps to connect as it gives google an idea about structure of the website.

Use of SEO tools:

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Plugins that can be used are like Yoast SEO plugin which makes the job even more easy. It is very convenient to see if you fall under a good area by following some guidelines according to it. Yoast SEO gives a readability score and makes you improvise the content and make it best for the viewer.

Write an outline:

You know to give your blog the structure you want your readers to understand is not easy.

Suffixing what is required where and to give your blog a flow which gives the maximum output and make it easy to understand should be the intention behind making a blog.

Let’s make it more clear for you, while writing a blog you are making your perception towards that topic more clear to your audience. Therefore, you need to do it in proper structure which makes it easily understandable. So plan out the headings and subheadings you want to cover beforehand.

Work on the feedback:

Feedback in the form of comment or in other form as well should never be ignored. It is what makes audience mind more clear and gives you an idea of what exactly do that reader want from you.

Any which ways everyone should be a good listener first so go by that rule.

Redraft it:

Once you are done with finding out the loopholes in your blog that takes you away from a successful blog post in the form of your feedbacks, direct message or any other way. It is very important to now shape it according to the demand and make it fit to rank in the top of search engine.

Now publish after redrafting is done.

Check for the blog format:

Formatting makes your point easily understandable. Like highlighting the main points, use of bullets, comma etc.

Do you know that an ideal sentence length of a blog should not be more than 10-12 words?

Researchers also say that people find it easier to understand shorter paragraph.

Check for the post title:

Your post title is the first sentence that an audience reads and it should be drafted

When someone search for a particular keyword in search engine and your post appears. Your post title is the first sentence that an audience reads and they thereon decide if they should go forward and read it.

Therefore, it should be drafted giving it this importance. It should be drafted in way that makes people more curious about what is written inside.

Check post URL:

Keep your URL as short and descriptive as possible. Your post URL is equally important and should be not considered lightly. Keep you post URL in sync with the content and easy.

Meta description:

Remember the last time you picked up an novel and read a summary about it and judged the entire novel on the basis of that. Meta description is almost similar which means your blog/ website is judged a lot keeping in mind the meta description.

A meta description is an element in the HTML code of a web page that provides a brief description of the content of that page. Although the visitors of a website cannot see it directly, search engines such as Google use it to display a web page in search results.

While framing meta description you should be as much as informative and attractive as possible. Try to keep it short and simple. Try to create unique yet useful meta descriptions.

Add social share buttons to your blog:

It is absolutely important to make it easy for our viewers to share your blog/ content. They just sometimes need it for future references or sometimes they like the content so very much that they are eager to share it with people. The key here is to provide the right social media button according to your post/website. For example, many business website use an icon of LinkedIn to connect while some don’t.

Remove distractions from your blog if any:

Ask yourself this question – are there any elements on my blog/website that I don’t need? Or they are just here without any use. Remove such distractions because you don’t want to be judged on that. Everything in a blog/website should be there as to solve a purpose and to make things more clear.



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