How to choose blog topic?

Blogging has become crucial for any business, and a part of marketing strategies. It is today’s one of the important tools to drive business, acquire new clients, make services/ products popular and achieve other marketing goals.

To zero out what topic to blog about is the first and major step that will define the fate of your blog. Therefore, it is extremely important to do your basic research while choosing a topic for your next blog. Many bloggers find the research part extremely difficult and does not know where to start with.

Choose Blog Topic

Here are few inputs which will make choosing a blog topic feasible for you. Before, jumping into the technical hand of selecting a blog topic, it’s extremely important to ask you some basic questions before you even start blogging:

Question 1. – Why do you need a blog?
Question 2. – Is it for business or a personal blog?
Question 3. – What is the idea behind starting it?
Question 4. – How will it create a difference?

Once you are done with it. You can look at several important tips that will extremely be important for you to narrow the blog topic.

Choose something you know and like talking about:

Imagine writing a blog on topic you merely know. Just creating with an intention to make money. How long can one sustain with that?

When you write about a topic, you have knowledge and passion about, it automatically creates your blog post into a killer content as you can write about it as much as possible. You will know how to make the idea more understandable and the most important thing is you will also be happy passing the knowledge without feeling the sheer pressure of writing blog every day.

You can respond to the queries of viewers and give them suggestions based on your knowledge.

Know your audience:

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Until and unless you are not sure about who is your audience and what is their thought of mind. What will you blog about?

Let’s say you are having a subsequent numbers of viewers now.

How will you decide what to write about?

It is really important to keep your audience in mind while choosing a topic for blog. Like what are their expectations, which topic has done well in the past and get an idea about their preferences from there. You just need to blog with an idea of making reader’s life more convenient.

Consider what others want to read:

Quora is one of the best platform do that. This can be done by looking at various questions in your niche and get an idea from there about what the viewer want to read about, and what are the trouble they are facing in that.
You can also give your opinions about the topic according to the number of views if they fall under the area you can share your knowledge about.

Look at your past content:

Look at the topics you have created in the past this will give you an idea about the topics that have got higher engagement and you can write about that quite often. Also you can cover the uncovered areas related to the previous blog.

Be the first one:

In blog writing it is very important to make predictions in your category and write early before anyone writes it. Being a first one will definitely increase the chance of success of your blog more.

Provide solution to a problem:

Most of the viewers who are here are genuinely looking for a valuable advice and your blog or an article should be created with an idea to make it simple/ easy for the reader to understand. Remember your blog was created to provide solution to more and more place on first place.

Tools used to decide topic:

There are ‘n’ number of tools available free, from which you can get an idea about the topic you can next blog about. Tools such as Buzzsumo, google trends and hubspot blog topic generator can be used which gives you a clear idea about how well some particular topic is doing.

If you think that choosing a topic is the most difficult part about blogging. These tool will make it look like a cake walk for you.

Use of keywords:

While narrowing down the topic for your next blog. It will be absolutely worth it to make a “Keyword Research” which will give you an exact estimate about what should be done.
Put together in simple words you need to have an idea about for which keyword you want your blog to rank. Then do a strategic planning from there.

There are tools like soovle and jaaxy available in the market for free, which makes this part of the work even easier. You can also refer to them to have a more clear understanding.

Choose general topics:

Instead of just writing whatever comes to mind, or about some random topic every time, write around a general topic. Not only will it be easier to stay on task, it’ll be a lot easier for readers to understand you.

Follow this path and niche provides dedication, direction and motivation. Making your blog’s purpose easily understood and defined, not only by you, but by your readers too.

Choose a topic you enjoy researching:

That’s why niche blogs are popular. Making your research on the topic for the blog, you are interested in since past will alleviate you blogging to a different level. Because you are doing what you are liking and you can dig into any part of the problem to make readers life much convenient.

Narrow your niche:

Once you decide your niche or the area you would like to write and talk about. Second and most important task is to bring something to the table which others under your niche are not being able to bring.
Imagine there are tons and tons of blogs under your niche which are already doing good. Now how do you think, you can create a difference among them?

Below mentioned are few considerations which will help you a lot in this.

What’s missing on other blogs?

Look at the top rating articles in your niche and see what they are missing at. You can create a difference by providing people what others lack at.

Try to choose a blog topic which will last

Blog success don’t happen overnight. Plan for a topic which is still relevant after a certain period of time.

Topics based on your experience:

When choosing a topic or blog. You can simply write about your experience with certain things. Like you must have already seen people telling about their experience with some particular smartphone or a car. You can do that too.

There are already ‘n’ number of blogs already popular wherein a blogger just talk about his experience with certain things. Trust me readers like to listen to it a lot. Don’t forget most of the people are here to learn.

Always talk about your experiences in the article and try to communicate through that experience. Most of the people are there with a problem and looking for a solution. Therefore they love to hear about what is your experience with that problem and how you aced it. Talk about it more often.

Ask your audience:

You can do it quite often. Once you have a decent audience you can ask your audience themselves about the topics they want to read about. This can be done through social media or through any site which has the highest engagement.

You just need to hear what your audience is interested in reading next and you can write on that particular topic.

Make a topic you want to write more about from previous blog:

This not only provides you with a blog topic you can write about but you can do this quite often and give a link to the detailed version of blog there. Google consider it a lot while ranking you high on search engines.

You can also use subheadings as a topic for the next blog and give a link there this will definitely be two shots from one arrow.

Ask google:

Google being one of the most powerful search engine has answers to every question of yours no matter what your query is. Hence, you can ask google and make choosing blog topic less tedious.

Product review topics:

You can get an idea from the most successful e commerce platform amazon and see what is the most talked about product in your category or the product about which your audience want to know. Write a review post on this.

Google alerts:

Set up Google alerts for your industry. You will be pinged daily regarding topics that talked about by people. This will give you an idea on what is in the trend and it will definitely give you an idea

Except  then these tips there are several other steps that can be considered while choosing a blog topic

  • Write on some popular news from Industry news portals.
  • Quora and Reddit are full of questions.



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