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BrandEducer Digital Solutions Private Limited is a company aimed to build strong online presence of its clients. With wide range of services and expertise in this domain, we make it possible for clients to turn their dreams into reality.


Website development

We at BrandEducer, give a great emphasis on the user perspective of a website. This can be done by simply putting yourself in the shoes of a user. This helps in creating websites free of all the distraction, unclear value proposition and anxiety triggers on a given page.

Identification of such elements makes the page user friendly and helps in strategic placement of call to actions, pop-ups, form fields and lead magnets. All these factors collaborate to better performance of Landing Pages. Read more

Sales funnel optimization

A user goes through multiple mental stages in the customer buying cycle before s/he actually becomes a customer. An effective marketing strategy acknowledges this and hence, the entire sales funnel is built by understanding customer’s needs and user psychology.

Effective sales funnel takes latest industry trends, experimentation, customer profiling, personalization and data analysis into account to convert users effectively. Read more

Search Engine Marketing

Today the advertising platforms have emerged in different shapes and forms. Facebook, YouTube, Google Search, Bing Search, Linkedin and all other platforms have diverse demographics and user profile. Users of different platforms engage differently with different kind of media.

We help our clients to perform better at every advertising platform by improvising ad creatives for each platform for better engagement and conversions. Read more

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization bears two-fold advantages. Firstly, it acts as a two-way communication channel which equates to better customer relationship and better customer retention which in turn leads to more referrals.

Secondly, it helps in personification and establishing your brand. It is a great tool to get customer feedback and understanding customer prospective towards brands. Read more

Graphic designing

Designs are the Visual representation of creativity, ideas and message. A perfect design is not the product of an idea on canvas but to achieve the goal collaboration of graphic designer with writer, editor and entrepreneurs are required. People always find visual content more engaging, graphic design helps brands promote and communicate more effectively.

We know that even a packaging material could be a chance to tell the story of brand. Read more

Search Engine Optimization

To rank higher in search results takes a lot more efforts than just to submit the URLs on different websites. Internal structure optimization of web content is too crucial to achieve marketing goals. Our SEO team acknowledges this and focus more on internal structure of web content rather than link building.

Together with outbound links and SEO friendly content, marketer can effectively use their strategy to achieve best possible output. Read more

Customized plans

We provide solutions in form of customized plans to our clients according to their needs. This way we deliver more value in lower price.

On time delivery

We know the importance of online presence. That’s why, we deliver as per timelines shared with client without compromising with quality.

Quality work

Value is something that we don’t compromise with. Continuous feedback from team members and client team helps achieve the quality work.

Complete solution

We’re full service which means we’ve got you covered on building online presence. It enables us to mould the platforms to match client requirements.

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Let us analyse your website to find out hidden factors that are reducing the engagement/ conversion.

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