Refund Policy

These are the terms concerning refunds for our customers:


In the event that you are not happy with any service you purchase from BrandEducer then you can claim for your money back which will be subject to negotiation.

If you ask for a refund beyond 7 days after the completion of service(s) then you will not be granted a refund and there are no exceptions to this rule.


Because of the nature of products BrandEducer sells, no refund will be granted once the product has been delivered to you.


Recurring payments are not refundable, since they fall outside of the 7 day guarantee period (e.g. if you purchase an annual subscription, you can get a refund within 7 days of the completion of any phase, but you can’t get a refund 12 months later, when the subscription is automatically renewed, because that’s 11 months after the refund period expired). Subscriptions need to be cancelled in advance if you don’t wish to renew it.

By asking for a refund you are agreeing to remove the BrandEducer’s services and license keys associated with the purchase from all websites that you own.

We reserve the right to refuse a refund if you continue to use BrandEducer’s services on your site after requesting the refund.

Cancellation Policy

Any subscription services maybe be cancelled by the customer at any time. Customers can cancel their subscriptions through the payment provider, in their user account on BrandEducer or by contacting our support staff. A minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation is required.

Both the customers and ourselves have the right to terminate/ cancel any subscription for any reason.

If you have any question regarding our refund or cancellation policy, please drop us an email at

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