Must have Tools to Track Website Data

Being a marketer, you can’t ignore the importance of web traffic metrics. It is crucial to measure the performance of your website. Despite having a large number of website visitors, it’s not possible to track website data without having proper tools.

To achieve the goals of your business, you need to focus on the user experience of your site. To make the experience really amazing for your customers, you need to understand what users want and what their expectations from your business are.

Track Website Data

What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics refers to collecting and analyzing website data. Based on these data, you can prepare various reports to understand the faults of your marketing strategies and how to rectify them.

Web analytics provide you data, such as the source of traffic, what pages your visitors like most, how much time they spend on your site, which sites have linked your site, and much more.

This is why you need web analytics tools to get a clear perception of the user behaviour on your site. This can help you to plan strategies to bestow your users a better experience.

Best Web Analytics Tools to Track User Data

You will have numerous analytics tools to fetch the website data available for free and premium.

Tracking data in the right way, using the right tools gives you an idea about what should be done to push yourself near the goal. Keep reading on to know some must have free and paid tools that can be used to track website data.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-use tool for every website owner as it not only has some exceptional features available that make the difference but it is also very simple to set up. It is free-to-use tool, providing deep insights of the user behaviour of your site.

To use this tool, you need to sign up to the Google Analytics website for creating an account. The analytics tool will provide you a tracking code that you have to embed on your website.

Once you do it, this tool will start tracking your data. It will first take you to the home page, where you can see metrics like the number of users, how many times they have visited the website, bounce rate, average duration of sessions, etc. Google Analytics provides a live tracker for your webpages, giving more data like live people accessing the website, the number of pages visited, etc.

You also can integrate this website tracker with Google Ads and Google Search Console to analyze your paid and organic search performances.


Kissmtrics is a performance-based tool. It helps you to get insights of user activity on your website at an advanced level. You can set up this tool seamlessly. Its reports are also very simple to analyze.

This website visitor tracking tool tracks the activity of every single visitor on your website. It also lets you know how many times your customers revisit your site. Using this tool, you can track the sales funnel journey of each customer. It will enable you to decide how valuable they are to your business.

This tool also provides you data such as

  • Which are the best performing marketing campaigns
  • Conversion rates of the landing pages
  • Best performing keywords
  • User’s common behaviour on your site and where they get stuck

Furthermore, you can integrate this tool with your social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It will be helpful to target and track your audience more precisely.

Crazy Egg

Crazy egg is one of the very first testing platforms to help businesses track, evaluate, and improve the conversion rates. Their aim was to give people visual data for website performance.

It is so simple to use that you can evaluate it without any technical knowledge.

List of features in crazy egg


Snapshots feature allows you to view the activity on a single page for a specific period. You also can compare these activities, time to time, to understand the differences in user behaviour.


With the Crazy Egg Heatmap tool, you can understand which portion of your webpage gets the maximum user attention. It tracks each clicks done by the visitors. Based on this visual representation, you can optimize your website to attract more visitors.


Scrollmap provides you a graphical report of how far people scrolled down on your site. This will also show you the time spent on the above-the-fold and below-the-fold portion of the page.


Like Heatmap, it also enables you to see which links of your pages get more clicks. However, it also shows you the arrival source of the visitor. For example, whether they have arrived on your page from social media sites or search engines, or from any other page of your own site.


Hotjar is a user behaviour tool that provides you the insights of the experiences of your customers with your products. It provides you a user feedback tool that enables you to understand what customers are finding in your products.

The main features of this tool are


This feature considers the actions of visitors by visualizing the clicks, scrolling behavior, etc. Using this feature, you can analyze the needs of the users and why they have come to your site.

Visitor’s Recording

Visitors recording of actual clicks and scrolling makes you exactly see the user activity for the entire session.

Conversion Funnel

This feature tells you at what stage or page the visitors are leaving your site. It is helpful for making necessary changes to keep the visitors stay on your website.

Form Analysis

This feature makes it easy for you to understand which forms have generated more leads and which forms have not.

Incoming Feedback

Hotjar not only makes your job convenient but it also makes your communication with visitor feasible. Hotjar makes it easy for visitors to share their feedback on products or services. It helps you to understand where your products or services need upgradation.

Hotjar covers almost every facet that is required to understand your audience in the right way and take an extra step towards the goal.

Not only Hotjar is simple and very easy to understand but it is also free to a certain limit. Hence, you need to go for a paid pro version to access its advanced features.


This website data analytics tool provides you deep insights of your audience base. It shows you website traffic data such as

  • The source of traffic
  • Devices used by the visitors
  • Demographic information such as age, gender and preferences of visitors
  • Location of the visitors
  • Bounce rate of the site
  • Number of subscriptions
  • Number of new visitors each day
  • Average time spent on site

It also enables you to customize and filter the reports as per your requirements. You can use these data to plan 360-degree marketing strategy.


Clicky comes with some of the advanced functionalities. The Big Screen feature of this web tracking tool empowers you to see real-time data such as who is viewing your site, what they are doing there and at which pages of your site fails to influence them.

It also compares the real-time data with the historic data to analyze the changes on your site. Various features of Clicky other than Big Screen mode are:

  • Heatmaps
  • Up-time monitoring
  • On-site Analytics
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Google Search Ranking
  • Video Analytics
  • Flexible API

Facebook pixel

The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that lets you analyze the marketing strategy considering what people do on your website.

You just need to set up the Facebook pixel tool by putting the code in your website and you will be all ready to leverage it.

Today social media has become the part of every marketing strategy. Thus, if you haven’t done Facebook pixel set up before launching your first Facebook ad, you should do it now.

This tool ensures that your ads are seen by the right people. The right people for you will be the ones who are most likely to take your desired action.

Facebook pixel not only tracks your ads performance but also allows you to improve your Facebook ad conversion rate and get a better ROI.

You can use the pixel to:

  • Get a better ROI.
  • Run the Facebook ads properly, showing the right ads to the right people.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your ads.


Researchers say, WordPress is the most used content management system in the world. Almost 39.5% of the website owners use this CMS to build their site. Jetpack is an all-in-one plugin that has all features your WordPress site looks for. When you are working on WordPress blog/ website, it can be the best fit for you.


You will find thousands of analytics tools while choosing the best fit for you. Most of the analytics tools have some exclusive features and functionalities.

Thus, you need to figure out which website data can help you to improve your business strategies before installing one of them.

However, you can install more than one analytics tool on your website if you think it is required. Compare the features and choose one or more tools to boost your website performance.



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