Must have tools to track website data

Users data is what everyone wants to have. Without using proper tools despite of having large number of website visitors, it’s not possible to track website data.

It would be unfair if you wish your potential customers to always stay with you no matter if you are being able to make any change to their work. Hence to make the experience really amazing for your customers, you need to properly understand what users want and what are their expectation when they drop on your website. At the same time it also matter that how much you are able to meet their expectations.

Tracking data in the right way using the right tools gives you an idea about what should be done in order to push yourself near to the goal.

Track Website Data

Some must have free and paid tools that can be used to track website data are:

Google analytics

Google analytics is a must use tool for every website owner because it not only has some special features available that makes that difference but also it is absolutely free to use.

Google analytics is one of the most widely used tool and it’s used by almost everyone who owns a website or page. Google analytics provide live tracker for your webpages which gives more data like live people accessing website, number of pages visited etc.

Number of visitors you are getting in your site, time spent on the website, and content that gets more target visitors than the content which does not. From this data you can obviously find which strategies are right working for you and which are not.

It also lets you know what people are searching in your website by simply showing the keywords that’s been searched when you appear on the page.

A feature In-Page Analytics informs about the percentage of clicks that have happened on each internal link on your site. Not to forget this comes with a brand equity of google therefore it is one of the most trusted tools in the market to keep a track of your web data.


Researchers say that WordPress is the most used content management system in the world. With almost 30% of the website owner using it. Jetpack is an all in one plugin that has almost every feature your WordPress site looks for. When you are working on WordPress blog/ website it can be a best fit for you.


The best thing about hotjar is that it provides you everything you need in a particular package. Earlier we had to use different tools for different work.

Main features of this tool are:

  • Heat maps
  • Visitors recording
  • Conversion funnel
  • Form analysis
  • Feedback polls
  • Incoming feedback
  • Surveys

Heat maps:

This feature puts into consideration the behaviour of visitors by visualizing the clicks, scrolling behaviour and prepares an analysis on what are users need and why are they staying in there.

Visitor’s recording:

Visitors recording of actual clicks and scrolling makes you exactly see what they are doing for the most of time in their entire session.

Conversion funnel:

This feature exactly tells you at what stage or page are the visitors coming out from the page. It tells a lot about the user behaviour and gives you an idea about the necessary changes you need to make a visitor stay.

Form analysis:

This features makes it easy for you to understand which forms face difficulty to the forms which not.

Feedback polls:

A right service comes with right consideration this feature of hotjar makes it easy to understand what the users want.

Incoming feedback:

Hotjar not only makes your job convenient but it makes your communication with visitor feasible also. Like hotjar makes it really very easy for the visitors to share their feedback regarding the issues. By making it easy for the audience to comment and report about the problems one is facing.


Consideration of visitor’s opinion.

Hotjar cover almost every facet that is required to understand your audience in the right way and make an extra step towards the goal.

Not only hotjar is simple and very understanding but it is also free also up to a certain limit which means for accessing more of its service you need to go for a paid pro version.

Crazy egg:

Founded by Neil Patel it is industries very favourite. As it itself come with a very powerful tagline “We’re here to help you improve what’s working on your website, fix what isn’t, and test new ideas.” Crazy egg also gives a complete information about the user behaviour like hotjar.

Crazy egg was one of the very first testing platforms to help businesses track, evaluate, and improve their conversion rates. Their aim was to give people a visual data for website performance.

List of features in crazy egg-:

  • Heat maps and visual recording
  • A/B testing
  • Editor to make the changes.

Hotjar vs crazy egg which is more preferred tool to track website data?

Although both of the tools are the best but here are some consideration made by marketers when they go to opt any one of them.

  • Hotjar is a free plan like you can access most of the services under the free version itself but crazy egg online comes with 30 day free plan after that you will have to update it to a paid version.
  • Researchers say that hotjar is preferred by B2C companies more but crazy egg by lead gen websites and education companies.
  • Crazy eggs gives you an option A/B testing which is a method of comparing one webpage with another.
  • Hotjar goes in depth in understanding the user behaviour by giving an option of feedback which crazy egg does not.

Facebook pixel

The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that lets you to analyse the strategy of yours by getting into consideration what people do on your website.

You just need to setup the Facebook pixel tool by putting the code in your website and you will be all ready to leverage it.

As you might already be aware that today social media is a part of every marketing strategy so if you haven’t done Facebook pixel setup before you start running your first Facebook ad you should do it.

Facebook tracking pixel data helps ensure your ads are seen by the right people. Right people for you will be the one who are most likely to take your desired action.

Facebook pixel not only keeps a track but also allow you to improve your Facebook ad conversion rate and get better ROI.

You can use the pixel to:

  • Get a better ROI.
  • Run the Facebook ads properly i.e. right ads to right people.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your ads.


Tracking tools for our website are really important as they play a vital role in the success of any marketing strategy hence use of these tools to track website data becomes more crucial.

As you or most of us are going to use only one tool as most of the tools with features we exactly need comes under a paid package and it will be absolutely worthwhile to go for a product tour and see if they are a best fit you. A best fit tool for you will be the one which is exactly designed according to the size of your audience, your goal.

Now it’s your turn to tell us which of the tool is a best fit for you?

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