Blogging not only lets you to express yourself online that sharpens the intuition, focuses your mind, improves your reading/ writing skills but it also enables you to earn a lot of money if it’s done strategically and keeping in minding various aspects.

Below mentioned are various ways from which a blog post can earn depending upon the size of the audience in a particular blog. These points will at the end of this article make my statement” Earn a lot money” more clear.

Few ways which can be used to generate more income through your blog:

Pay Per Click (abbreviation PPC):

What is PPC?

Monetize blog

PPC (pay per clicks) is the form of advertisement wherein an advertiser pays for per click to the website

Herein you will be paid per click on your website. I am sure that you must have seen different advertisement on the blog. This is how exactly ppc works on every click that you will make on the advertisement intentionally/unintentionally the website will be paid for it.

This form of monetisation is almost used by everyone and its one of the most frequently used form to earn through blog or through a YouTube channel as well.

Google AdSense is the most popularly used pay per click model. In this model google search for ad based on your content. Google AdSense is today used by almost everyone who is earning using a digital medium.


What is CPM?

CPM (cost per thousands impressions) is almost similar to ppc only difference is unlike ppc where you get payed per click here you get paid every time a visitor sees ad on your site.

Some points to keep in mind while adding such a form of demonetization:

  • User experience also matter. Therefore while adding advertisement on the blog it should not look like a mismatch.
  • Add advertisement which is in sync with your content (This will also add value to the impression of your blog).

Affiliate marketing:

To start with first what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popularly used form of digital marketing. In this you refer a product to someone and on the purchase made you get a commission based on that

Facts say that 81% of marketers and 84% of publishers leverage the power of affiliate marketing. It is one of the most widely used method o earn money because it not only helps you to generate an sustainable income but it also widens your blogs reach.

In one of quotes Bo Bennet had already mentioned that affiliate marketing has already made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaire

There are generally only two types of products people add the affiliate link of on their website.

  1. Promoting products you use – Affiliate link can be added of the product you use and you trust in.
  2. Promoting products related to your content

Doing this will not only allow you to earn on a set pattern but it will give a particular theme to your blog.

Write and publish your kindle books:

How to write and make money from Kindle books

You might already have already heard about such thing but some might not be so sure about how does this work?

Let me help you a bit with how can we work with it.

Amazon an already successful e- commerce website lets you publish kindle edition of the material you want to post for your viewers and you can sell it at a basic price and generate income from there.

Your blog is a used as a medium and then redirect buyers to your Kindle book store
Although, this is not that simple. According to statistics today out of all the e book readers 47% of the readers use kindle to refer.

Therefore to ace in this category which is under a revolution, One need to post enough, consistent and quality content to be a good name and generate enough income from here.

Create and sell online courses through your blog:

Blogging positions you at a position where you are supposed to be a virtuoso, and you an anytime teach your audience no matter what their size is. If there likability on a particular subject and your passion/knowledge is mutual you can anytime use it for selling more comprehensive material to your audience to widen their concept more.

Paid reviews:

You can start writing review post about a certain product and get paid on the basis of that.

The only hardship on the way of this paid method is it requires a good audience or to be honest review post are read on the basis of credibility of your name has in the market.

In simple words why would you listen to someone, you have never listened of.

Once you have a good name and a sufficient audience you can tie up with various companies and review their products, who are eager to hire a blogger with good name in the market.

Sell relevant private ads:

The biggest benefit is there are is no broker between you and the company. Once you start getting decent amount of traffic you can directly contact the companies if they would like to advertise on your blog. Honestly you don’t have to struggle so much once you start having decent credibility is the market.

Just understand one fact that big or small companies or anyone need an audience who they want to show their product or service to and if you have that platform companies don’t stay back in approaching you.

Sell membership:

Membership/private forums may be created to focus on your target audience.

Members can make a payment to get exclusive content or the content that is not available anywhere. Many people also use it as an opportunity to learn from the member of the group or within and communicate with the members of the group.

Members are basically the kind of people who are already there because they ae somewhere or other interested in the content you provide and such member can be counted as a prospect who can be converted into clients with some efforts.

Sell physical products:

Selling digital products using your blog is one of the common practices done but you can use it to sell physical products as well. Like T-shirt merchandise.

Sell your blogs:

You must have already heard a lot of people that they have earned this much money selling their blog. Honestly today this is not a bad practice at all to increase a bit of earning if it is not attached to your name or if the content was past or is no longer relevant to you.

Although this might be the last consideration to generate money out blogging but there are a lot of bloggers who make their living by that.

Organize a paid webinar:

You might have heard people organizing webinar to interact more with the audience. it is one of the best way to communicate with the audience

But do you know that webinar is an excellent source to make money as well.

Become a Coach:

You write a blog and it is recognized by a few visitors and they look up to you for finding answers to some of their problems you are already a coach.

You can utilize this opportunity to reach out to even more and more visitors to make your objective even more clear.


Undoubtedly to write a blog is a passion driven profession but there are plenty of room for a blogger to earn.

There are hundred number of ways how you can monetize your blog apart from the several popular ways mentioned above in the article like- being a part of a product launch in your niche,

Basically more the audience believing in the inputs you are providing through your blog, the more you can earn through it. Anyone with a valuable content and a good trusting audience can monetize his blog in many ways according to the opportunities in your niche.

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