How to Get the Most Out of Your Website Traffic?

Get Most Of Website Traffic

Do you want to get most out of website traffic? Well, correct utilization of your website traffic is crucial to get your desired results.

The prime purpose of creating a website is to reach more and more potential customers.

In this internet era, the possibility of  sale of your products isn’t limited to your geographical boundaries. Through your website, you can reach thousands of people willing to buy your products online.

Thus, marketing teams always focus on increasing website traffic.

However, a huge number of visitors to your site won’t help you much if you fail to convert them. Here you need to adopt conversion rate optimization tactics.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the systematic practice to increase the percentage of website users that converts into leads or customers. Following this concept, you will be able to convert your existing website visitors into paying customers and repeat customers.

The conversion rate is calculated in the following way.

Conversion Rate Optimization

For example, you have 50,000 monthly visitors to your site. Out of them, 2000 users place an order.

Thus, the rate of conversion is = 2000/50000X100 = 4%.

Keep reading to explore the strategies to optimize website conversion rates to achieve the goals of your business.

Optimize Your Landing Page

This methodology starts with enhancing the user experience on your site. Hence, you need to focus on landing page optimization first. The landing page of your site is the foremost thing, as your prospects visit this page first.

Landing pages are specifically designed to capture leads and turn them into customers. It solely focuses on convincing users to

  • Sign up for email newsletters
  • Take a free trial
  • Place an order

You need to place proper call-to-action buttons to increase the conversion rate on the landing page.

Here are the 3 major steps to optimize the landing page.

Identify the User Intention

First, you need to identify why your visitors have landed on your page. What they are actually looking for?

To get a clear picture, you need to analyze user behavior on your site.

There are several analytics tools to understand this. Analytics tools like Google Analytics are useful to understand who is visiting our site and from where they have come to our site.

You can also analyze what queries they have put on search engines to find your page. Those queries are the problems that your potential customers are facing. Your landing page should have elements that can solve their problems.

Find out Obstacles on the Page

Identify the obstacles on the page that are preventing the visitors from converting. Some factors, such as filling up excessively lengthy forms, unavailability of the live chat box, not having great customer reviews or testimonials, etc. may create timidity in the mind of visitors.

Heatmap feature on analytics tools can help you identify what are the glitches on your landing page. It will enable to see at what point your customers are leaving your page.

Use Attention-Grabbing Call-to-Action Buttons

Unlike homepage landing page doesn’t include loads of navigational links. It only includes a lead capturing signup form and call-to-action buttons.

Correct placement of call-to-action buttons leads to more conversions. It is better to place your CTA above the fold of the page. It will help you to catch the attention of the audience to the CTA copy as 90% of your visitors who read your headline can see it.

You also need to focus on the color of CTA. It is believed that green and orange CTAs become more eye-catchy.

call to action

Show Up Your Unique Selling Point

While visiting your site, the first question that comes to your prospects’ minds is what they will get if they buy your product. So you need to answer that question properly.

Show up your offers that are unique and exclusive from the competitors.

Show Up Your Unique Selling Point

Here Domino’s clearly mentioning their offer of two medium-size pizzas for Rs. 99 per pack.

Again, it is showing you how much you can save by ordering two pizzas.

You need to display lucrative offers clearly to spike your conversion rates.

Create Sense of Scarcity to Increase Demand

The scarcity of products always enhances demand. It increases a sense of urgency for such a product.

Suppose you are planning to buy a laptop and got something within your budget, having good customer ratings. You may wait for some days to research more on other products.

But if you see something like this

Create Sense of Scarcity to Increase Demand

It won’t be possible for you to wait for a few days more as in that case, you may lose the chance to get that product.

Creating scarcity for your products in this way will generate a sense of urgency in the mind of your prospects.

You may add phrases like “Only few left” or “Last chance to get this product at this rate” on your product page. Seeing this, customers will realize if they wait for some days, the stocks will go out.

It may help to convert quickly if you have such a great thing to offer your customers.

Provide a Sense of Reliability and Security

Your website visitors always want to be assured about your offerings before purchasing products from your site.

Offerings may include fair pricing, quality of product, after-sale services, etc.

To ensure your audience about the quality of your product or service, you need to display real client testimonials. These reviews should include your clients’ real names and pictures.

Reviews with some success stories seem more authentic and help to convince the new users of the site.

Again, while checking the product details, your potential customers may feel they need more information regarding this.

Thus, you need to be present there all the time to give answers to such questions.

If it is not possible to be available in person all the time, you can place chatbots there. It can give your users preset answers instantly.

You also can write FAQs related to your product or service to help your audiences.

Just make sure they always get your assistance and support during the sales funnel journey and even after converting into customers. After all, it is not all about conversion. You need to retain them also.

A/B Testing

Each and every element of your web page influences the conversion rate greatly. It can be your website design, color or placement of call-to-actions, text font size, layout, etc. Nothing can be taken for granted.

While optimizing conversion rate, you need to figure out those elements, preventing your traffic from responding to your call-to-actions.

Check each element by A/B testing.

For this, you need to create two different variations of a webpage by altering one or two factors.

Say you are giving one month free trial of your service. This is quite an enticing offer to boost signups.

However, 90% of the prospects showing reluctance in completing the signup procedure as they need to provide credit card details there.

Now, you can eliminate those fields from the form to check the difference in the results.

This is how you can do A/B testing for your landing page, checkout page, or any other significant pages which are not performing well.

Crazy Egg analytics tool has A/B testing functionality to assist its users to get instant results.

Make Your Copy Easy-to-Understand

As a service provider or a seller, you obviously know every technical detail of your service or product.

Say you are searching for a law firm to consult about your legal matters. While reading their service pages, it seems like you are reading a law book mentioning several sections and compliances.

Would you like to stay there to understand the exact meaning of such language?

Probably not.

You may be the master in your field, but the people looking for such a service or product are not. They are common people looking for an easy solution.

Hence, you need to explain your services or product features in simple language so that any person can easily understand your business.

Don’t be professional while writing. It is not about showing your in-depth knowledge. It is about whether people will get smart solutions from you or not.

Always use a conversational and friendly tone in your writing so that your customers can figure out everything reading such an explanation.


Conversion rate optimization is the prime necessity for any business as the ultimate goal of your website is to convert traffic into paying customers.

The ways and the possibilities to optimize the conversion rate are endless. However, you need to provide ample time and hard work to get things happen.

Use popup signup forms, specific CTA buttons and most importantly, high-quality content on your web pages to attract and retain more and more prospects.

By using some great analytics tools and WordPress plugins, you can definitely increase the conversion rate and of course ROI.

Hope this article will help you a bit in starting the optimization process.



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