How to create an effective ad campaign?

Creating an ad campaign is easy but do you know how to create an effective ad campaign? An effective ad campaign not only increases the conversion but also helps brands in many other ways. The success of an ad campaign matters to individuals/ organisation because it involves:

  • Cost,
  • Time and
  • Resources.

The effectiveness of ad campaign demands the efforts of both marketing and designing team. An individual could be good at marketing but what about the second part or vice versa?

Therefore, it is advisable for marketers not to play the role of digital marketers by themselves.

Tips to create an effective ad campaign:

There are few common characteristics of every successful ad campaign. One should keep a checklist of things that decide the fate of an ad campaign.

Create A Effective Ad Campaign

Here’s the list of points for digital marketers to increase the chances of getting desired results from such campaign:


The selection of platform forms the foundation of a successful ad campaign. There are platforms having large number of audience but not necessarily the intended one. Facebook is best example of such platforms.

Selection of platforms is decided by considering the market size, cost, re-targeting cost etc.

Quick tip: Ad should only be run on a platform where majority of intended audience hang out.


Relevant audience creates a big difference in boosting the sales’ numbers. Therefore, selection of audience segment should be done in a way that increases profitability.

Each audience segment constitutes factors like age, gender, marital status, occupation, geography etc. In case of ambiguity regarding which segment to target, it is advisable to test the entire market to discover the best segment.

This testing involves cost however must be performed in order to get most out of any ad campaign.

Media format:

Digital marketers need to understand the importance of media format because media format solely can change the game.

Traditional marketing material such as pemphalate, catalog, broucher, banner also emphasis the proper use of media format to grab the attention of prospects.

To find out the best combination of media formats, a/b testing seems to be of use. Again, it depends on the nature of products/ services when it comes to selection of text, images or videos format to run a campaign.

Important note: For some companies merely text post could work whereas for others it may not.

Right message:

Message always remain the backbone of a successful ad campaign

Brand messages always remains at top of the list when we talk about brand awareness, marketing, promotion or sales.

Often times ad campaigns fail because they don’t convey the intended message. Such message could reach to the right audience but doesn’t provoke them to take action.

Quick tip:

Share the ad content with peers or other people to get the feedback. By doing so, initial level testing can be done without incurring any cost.

Right time:

The another factor that add its value to brand message is time.

Do you know ‘how time plays vital role in success of any ad campaign?’

Companies often try to target prospects based on their micro moments. If they fails in doing so, there is no use of a strong brand message.

Secondly, marketers should have proper knowledge of the different stages of customer buying cycle. This knowledge doesn’t only help in understanding the customer behavior but also give ideas about the time when a particular message should be displayed on customer’s screen.


The effectiveness of any ad campaign can only be increased by removing the factors which are preventing prospects to take certain action. To ascertain these factors, marketers need to analyze the user data. This could only be possible if prospects are tracked properly.

Moreover, tracking provides marketers the required data about the customer buying cycle. Thus, it can be used as a tool to get idea about the timing of showing different brand messages.

This knowledge could further be used in creating strong brand messages with the help of KPIs.

Final words:

It takes a lot of testing to find out effective ad campaign which converts well. However, by selecting the right platform to convey the right message at right time to intended audience, chances of getting the success can increase.

Moreover, just by doing initial research regarding the parameters mentioned in this article, a lot of time and money can be saved.



Vikas Yadav

Vikas Yadav is working as an Internet Marketer with BrandEducer since its inception. He is an MBA in Finance and have worked in finance domain for quite some time. He enjoys his time learning about digital marketing and making new strategies for the growth of businesses.

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