5 Ways to Get More Out of PPC

Today Pay-per-click ads are bread and butter of digital marketing as it is more replicable, scalable and predictable over its counterpart i.e., driving traffic organically.

This feature of PPC advertisements have made it the primary choice of marketers. In an ideal world a marketer will start a PPC campaign and the business would skyrocket but we all know that reality isn’t nearly the same.

PPC advertisement come with its own set of problems. This can be attributed to the diversified demographer over multiple ad platforms. Today we know that mental stages of customers on different advertisement platforms varies. Some act as inbound source of marketing and some act as outbound source of marketing.

For example, a user coming from Google might be more eager to buy whereas the user coming from an advertising platform like Facebook might not be ready to buy right now.

This in itself doesn’t make Facebook an inferior source of traffic and Google search ads as a better source of traffic, however it gives us an idea regarding how to go about marketing on these platforms.

So here we are to share a few tips to take your PPC ad campaigns to another level.

1. Proper keyword and demographic research

A good keyword and demographic research will help you to plan out structure of a marketing strategy and will help you to have a better view of the whole Marketplace so that you are aware of the dynamics of demand supply in the market.Proper Keyword and Demographic Research

Through a proper view of digital Marketplace you will be able to reach to the right people for your product.

Moreover, a keyword and demographic research helps you to understand needs of the customers and let you know the possible number of customers that are dealing with the same issues.

A deep understanding of this helps will not only help you to get more out of PPC ads but it can act as a compass in the digital market space for your business.

2. Multiple Landing pages

Usually marketers overlook the importance of having multiple landing pages for the same product to cater the users coming from different sources.

However, doing the latter helps to maintain the relevancy for the user and let you plan your content as per the position of user in customer buying cycle

Multiple Landing pages

This also help to create a product market fit and for that you need to be acknowledge mental position of user in customer buying cycle in present the order in the relatable manner.

It might sound like spoon feeding a child and that is true just like children the tension span of a new visitor of your website is very minute and we are same as marketers need to put in more effort to efficiently convey our message.

3. A/B/n and multi-variant testing

Great idea is to do a b and testing and multivariate testing of your landing pages keyword groups and Facebook audiences

ABn and Multi-Variant Testing

A/B/n and multivariate testing means to change both micro and macro elements of any page and find a winning combination of all the elements where ab and testing is a competition between different pages multivariate testing we try using different set of elements while keeping the basic structure of the pages unchanged

Doing so provide room for new ideas to evolve this process is a revolution in itself because as per ab testing instead of relying on a single person. To view we are using concrete data to structured pages

When a b and testing and multivariate testing is combined with DB testing of your keyword groups in Ad-words and Facebook audiences the results are much for performed this combination of both is a key to have winning sales funnel.

4. Understanding PPC platforms

There are different platforms which have different options for ad placements and every ad placement Can Heal different results depending upon the audience and product itself.

For example YouTube search my text same as Google search ads while Facebook in feed ads might act as Google display network ads

Understanding PPC Platforms

Few of the major advertising platforms are:

  1. Google Search
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook
  4. Google display network
  5. Instagram

Understanding this gives you a competitive edge over your competition as you will be able to correlate to the psychology of users regarding a certain at placement and create ad creatives accordingly.

5. Using all features to convert users

There is always a race between companies in every field to outrun the competition the same is true for advertisement platforms.

All the advertisement platforms come up with much better technologies and feature from time to time in the pursuit of making their customers happy.

Using All Features To Convert Users

This is something that we can use for our advantage. Few of the examples would be  give the example would be Google tag manager Facebook pixel, Google cookies, look like audiences in Facebook, schema markups and others.

Cashing on these feature can help us to stand out and serve are visitors in a better way as what to use and when to use can be a difference between successful and an unsuccessful marketing campaigns.



Vikas Yadav

Vikas Yadav is working as an Internet Marketer with BrandEducer since its inception. He is an MBA in Finance and have worked in finance domain for quite some time. He enjoys his time learning about digital marketing and making new strategies for the growth of businesses.

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