Why ad campaign fails?

Online platforms are known for adding value to brands but sometimes these platforms make your business lose money. This might happen due to lack of knowledge about the usage of these platforms.

Why ad campaign fails?

To make an ad campaign effective, coordination of marketing team with digital media team is required. It is advisable for marketers not to play the role of digital experts and let the team work with their experience. The mentioned situation takes place in MSMEs where employees have to play more than one role.

Points explaining the reasons why ad campaign fails?

There are so many elements which an advertiser needs to keep in mind before running ads. These elements are listed in the article: How to create an effective ad campaign?

Lack of market research

Market research is one of the most crucial jobs of entrepreneurs and marketers. Going ahead without proper planning leads to loss of company resources in 2 ways.

  1. Loss of potential customers
  2. Increase in company expenditure

Too much focus on cost

A/b testing for ad campaign takes time and money. Sometimes, companies try to save cost and comprise with a/b testing. This works as fluke and might fail if marketers don’t have much experience.

Omit the different stages of customer buying cycle

The success of ad campaign is directly associated with customer buying cycle. For each ad campaign, fixation of KPIs in terms of brand awareness and interest, consideration and sale is must.

Awareness: Where prospects see the brand in marketplace as an option.

Interest: Where prospects start showing interest in brand.

Consideration: Where prospects compare the brand with other available options.

Action: Where they are ready to buy.

Selection of wrong platform

Among the various platforms like google, facebook, linkedin, yahoo etc. selection of best platform(s) to reach out to prospects is must.
Facebook and Instagram are considered as cold source of traffic hence ad campaign ends up with getting no leads/ sales if product fails to entice prospects.

Not analyzing the users’ data properly

Analytics is not the game which everyone can play. If marketers know the where to find the data and what could be achieved using that data then it proves very fruitful.


Most of the players in this game do this mistake and decide fallacious things without having any logical ground. Assumptions do not work till the time you are aware about your targeted audience. There are so many minor elements which can make your campaigns proceed to fail.

Wrong message

Consistent and right message throughout entire customer journey is what complement other elements of effective ad campaign.



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