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We combine insights obtained from researching industry trends, ideal customer profile, user psychology, page relevance, compliance required for conversion vs comfort and buying temperature with the client data to come up with much refined sales funnel elements for them resulting in better conversions.

Page / Element Design

Landing pages, email campaigns, remarketing campaigns and all other elements of a sales funnel should be in alignment to obtain maximum conversions. Moreover, we decrease the guess work from the designing process which reduce cost and time in page and element design.

A/B/n testing

After shortlisting pages and elements they are put out to compete among themselves along with original pages. The previous step shortlists possible list of variables and this step enables us to find the best out of them but the most important benefits of A/B test are elimination of cognition bias and promotion of innovation.


The performance of all the element laid out for A/B/n testing and multi-variant testing  is measured on the basis of predefined parameters using heatmaps, form interactions, dwell time, bounce rate, scroll percentage and various other factors which help in proper performance evaluation of each element.


Data obtained from the feedback mechanisms is then analysed to find out the heuristics that affected the performance of the pages and elements. By doing so, we eliminate the misalignment that has led to under-performance of the respective elements. This is how we at BrandEducer, turn data into insights.