How to create backlinks for your website?

A backlink as the name suggests is the link between web pages. In order to create backlinks one has to submit its links to other website on internet.

Backlinks is just not another term that you will get acquainted with while you learn blogging but it is one of the most important consideration made by google to rank web content high on search engine when searched for a particular keyword.

Best types of backlink are the one which are highly relevant and are coming from the sites having good trust score. Backlinks is basically when someone from your niche or any other gives a link to your articles in his/ her post. Which means that a page with higher number of backlinks tend to have higher rank. Or to be more precise the website having most number of quality backlinks will rank high on google and other search engines.

Create Backlink

Where do you need to create backlinks from?

Link is valued only if it comes from a trusted site. Site like .edu or some government related bodies, some top name in the niche.

Ultimately your goal is to increase the “Trust score” which will be done only when a web page with a trust score does so.

There are some common steps that you can follow to create backlinks right from the start of blogging are-:

Work on your recognition:

If you are new to a sector and want to create backlinks from somewhere without adding any value, you are almost fooling yourself.

If your existence is not bringing any change to his article. Why will someone add a link to your post?
Most important is to

  • Make post worth it of recognition
  • Add extra value to the existing blog post

Write guest blog post:

If your link is mentioned in some post of an awesome web page obviously it will add value. It will make you more visible to the google. Writing for someone else will make you more recognized.

Apart from that writing a guest post is one of the best source to get backlinks because you are providing the web page with some content too and asking a backlink for that which is a zero loss deal for both of the parties involved.
For finding the guest writing opportunities you can simply:

  • Search on “Google” with keywords.
  • Your niche+ guest post. For ex. For finding guest post opportunities in my field Digital marketing “Guest post”.
  • Your screen will be filled with various guest writing opportunities. Now filter them to find the best fit for you

While you will be busy performing these steps, there are certain tips that should be kept in mind:

  • Just don’t ask everyone to add backlink of your website/post. It should be relevant with your niche
  • Backlinks are good if they come from reputable websites, but they are bad if they come from disreputable websites.
  • The reason for this is simple: Google views your backlinks as an indicator of how useful your website is. Therefore be very choosy while you are preparing an list of who all should be asked for linking.

Draft awesome articles:

Do you realize that if backlinks are so important in determining the fate of any blog post. Then you can imagine what will be the competition and everyone will be busy grabbing the deal by providing something out of the box that can increase their chances of getting linked.

You can either get recognized by either paying people to post your content or you can make your post worth it of being there, this can be done by:

  • By adding something that most of your people in your niche miss at while writing the articles
  • Or, provide a detailed solution to anything that is not been given prior.
  • Or it could be anything that makes your post different from most of them under your niche.

Your content is the best place you can work to always to improve your SEO rank and to make you rank higher on search engines. In case of having an awesome content you don’t have to contact people to add your link to their post. Awesome post will get eye catched soon and webmaster will start adding your link to the post themselves in case it is making their statement more clear.

Many a time a person who adds link seeks something in return. This can change variably every time you face some other person.

Generally people ask for-:

  • Money
  • Write a guest blog post for their channel.

Know your competition:

One of the most important way to learn is by knowing what the competitor is doing. Or we always need to learn from the people who have attained the heights we can.

Search where your competitor has created backlinks this can be done by searching on various paid or unpaid tools available in the market.

UBERSUGGEST which is a free tool can be used to make the job more convenient. Tools like ahrefs which is a paid tool can be the best fit to find out about your competition details.
By using such tools you can make a list of all the places your competition has got a link from and you can do the same for you too because it is one of the most efficient way to get backlinks from.

How does this work?

  1. Leverage such tools and find out the address where your competition is getting link from.
  2. Approach them and tell that you have written an article which can add more value
  3. Such hacks definitely works.

Broken links:

Broken link building is one of the efficient way to get yourself a backlink. Because you are not just asking for a backlink from the webmaster in which he might or might not be interested in but here you provide some value to the webmaster and make yourself deserving of share.

How can you work towards that?

  1. Find dead pages on the top sites in your niche. Use of tools like ahrefs can be made to make job easier.
  2. Now contact the webmaster about the broken link and give a reference to yours there.
  3. You can write a post and contact the webmaster about the broken link and tell them that you have written the same and your post can be attached there.

Make sure link is a “Do follow” link:

Do follow and no follow links have a difference of link juice it passes to referred web page.

Before we start talking about how we can acquire let’s look at

What are do follow links?

Do follow links passes the link juice from referring websites to the referred website. Do follow link urges a visitor to read about the content because it is a do follow link.

Do follow links are the links that count towards SEO ranking of your page.

What are no follow links?

No follow links are link that are not being able to add any link juice to the referred web page. This type of link tell that the referring website is just referring to the tag rel=”nofollow” in the HTML code of the website prompts visitor to not follow that backlink.

How is follow and no follow link differentiated?

To find out whether a mentioned link is do follow or no follow is no tough job. There are many ways how you can check about it.

The easiest way to find out is to
Step 1: Right-click on the link.
Step 2: Select “Inspect” in Chrome.
Step 3: A window will show up on the right with the link HTML highlighted.
Step 4: Check to see if the rel=“nofollow” attribute is in the code.

Honestly links are by default do follow until/ unless they are changed manually or updated to be so.

Email Outreach:

Search for the top names in your niche

Look for the top posts related to your topic. Perform your research on finding the contact information which is easily achievable target these days. Bring to their notice that you have written a blog which is related and will be helpful in providing more value to your content.

Design a template and draft an email asking can you please add my post and give a linking to my account.
Most of the time people have no problem towards it until/unless our content is not even worth taking forward.

Write a comprehensive article featuring the top posts in your niche

Suppose I write about digital marketing what I can do is design some article with title top posts related to digital marketing and feature hem in your article.

Find for their contact information now and reach them with an email that you have written a post which features you and it will be very great if you refer to it.

Promote your content

With the help of influencers

You can work with an influencer with a good name in your niche and ask them to provide a link to your post. This is done to get some link juice from the goodwill of the influencer.

Share on social media

Honestly, you have an opportunity to create as much as backlinks as many people see your post and find it relatable. Relatable content itself is an opportunity to get a link without even asking.

Therefore to let everyone at least read your content you need to make it visible. This can be done by sharing them on social media and at other places as well.

Some Facts about link building

  • Link building helps your page to get indexed a lot.
  • Although backlink are very important but content still remains the key. It won’t be like you managed to get hundreds of backlinks for your post but the content is vague. Absolutely, nothing can rank your article on top.
  • While you are targeting people to get a backlink from be aware of various paid scams in the market. They rather than passing link juice can get you a google penalty which in turn will push your ranking downwards. Acquire enough knowledge about the sources you want to get links from.
  • Google and other search will consider if that backlink within your domain. For ex. If you are writing blog about fashion and some brand in fashion links to your post it will be more eye catchy to the google while deciding to pull your rank high.


Ever heard that creating the most important things in life take time?

Backlinks being one of the most important traits google consider to rank your website higher also takes time the same way. You cannot just create hundred of hundreds backlinks overnight in order to get the desired results. Creating backlinks honestly takes a bit of time until/unless you don’t have some credibility or some value you can add to the blogger who is contributing to you by adding your post link to their website.

Backlinks are very important but that doesn’t mean that any web page linking to your page will be considered by google. Sometimes such things coming can give you a penalty.

Google consider back linking only when a web page who himself has some credibility links to your post.

Therefore in the case of backlinks it is not the quantity that matters but the quality that matters out of all.



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